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Welcome to ESPGHAN 2023

Sharing Knowledge. Advancing Patient Care.

You’re invited to ESPGHAN 2023, 17-20 May 2023 in Vienna for the 55th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition.

Innovative treatments and research discoveries are constantly emerging in our field, and the ESPGHAN Meeting is at the forefront of education provision and knowledge exchange.

Our community strives to discover, discuss and share the latest novelties and advancements, and use them to enhance the standards of care for patients and help paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition professionals, improve their practice.

Join us in Vienna for 4 days of top-quality research and science, plus many opportunities learn, connect and collaborate with colleagues from across Europe and beyond!

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Vienna is always well worth visiting – and that’s a promise!

The Austrian capital, renowned for its imperial spirit, combined with a modern flavour, offers an exceptional variety of cultural and historical attractions to help you truly immerse yourselves in the magical experience that is “The City of Dreams”!

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